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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “kosher” mean?

Kosher food is basically food that follows the dietary rules associated with the Jewish religion.  There’s a lot that goes into deeming something kosher, but the high points are:

  • Some meats cannot be eaten at all (pork, shellfish, etc.)
  • Of the meats that can be eaten, the animal must be killed in a certain way for it to be considered kosher (I know I know, nobody wants to think about killing animals, you just want to think about that delicious burger.)  Without getting into the details, many say that the kosher procedure for killing animals is the most humane and painless for the animal.  That sounds better, doesn’t it!
  • Once you have your kosher meat (which looks just like any other meat but the animal was treated differently), you cannot mix it with dairy products.  Meat and dairy cannot be mixed in one dish, or even eaten in the same meal.  For example, a kosher meal could be a cheese lasagna, or a meat lasagna, but not a meat and cheese lasagna.

Using these main rules, what ultimately makes a dish kosher or not kosher is if each individual ingredient in the dish is kosher, and if the dish does not mix meat and dairy.  Sounds complicated, but it’s not too bad!  I happen to keep a kosher diet, so all the recipes you’ll see on my blog are kosher.  They seem pretty normal and familiar, right?!

What’s with your “Meat” “Dairy” and “Pareve” recipe categories?

Like I blabbed about in the previous question, kosher recipes can either contain meat or dairy, but not both.  So recipes containing only meat are considered “Meat” (like crunchy cornflakes chicken), and recipes containing only dairy are considered “Dairy”.  And “Pareve” is a Hebrew word that refers to recipes that have neither meat nor dairy, like strawberry avocado salad or peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies.

What is challah?

The title of my blog–of course!  Challah is a type of bread traditionally served on the Jewish Sabbath.  It’s the best!  It’s eggy, sweet, and delicious, and everybody’s Grandma makes the best challah (yup, it’s that kind of a recipe).  It tastes kinda like brioche, and traditionally has a beautifully braided top.  The perfect challah recipe on Pass the Challah coming soon…

Can I follow you on social media?

I’m so glad you asked!  You can follow me on Pinterest here, Instagram @passthechallah, Twitter here, and Facebook here.  I check all of these accounts regularly, so feel free to leave comments or messages.

Don’t see your question answered here?

Well I can’t leave you hanging! Feel free to email me at sam@passthechallah.com.


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