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About Me

Hi, I’m Samantha.  I love making food, talking about food, and eating food.  You too?  How perfect!  I am so happy to share my favorite kosher recipes with you.

I love to cook Jewish classics, family recipes, kosher-fied trendy recipes, and . . .  actually I just love to cook.  Anything. Period.  And the love doesn’t stop at cooking– I love the whole process.  Planning the menu, creating recipes, grocery shopping and aisle browsing (while getting the best bargains of course), cooking and baking, designing a beautiful table, and playing hostess…it’s all a huge love of mine.  The only books I read in bookstores are cookbooks and the only shows I watch on TV are on the Food Network, so maybe it goes past a love of food to an obsession with food.  But I don’t mind one bit.  A few more quick facts:

  I’m a recent college grad working in corporate America

  I love food adventures

  I can’t pass up a great deal

  I’m a complete perfectionist (so baking and I get along well)

  I have a huge sweet tooth (another reason for the baking)

  I smile all the time

I’m mostly mom-trained, partly self-trained, and 100% love-trained. Ok I think I’ve used the word love enough.  But who doesn’t love making onion roasted chicken to serve at your dinner table?






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